World Partnership Conference on Sustainable Development: Local Governments & Community-based activities and partnerships (Japan National Seminar)

At the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, participants from all sectors of society--citizens, NGOs, business sectors, local governments and universities--"committed [themselves] to concrete actions" to achieve sustainable development. One year after the Johannesburg Summit, Kitakyushu City, together with related stakeholders, organised this conference to facilitate grassroots activities to develop opportunities for partnerships. The Conference looked to share experiences to create and stimulate new local action, facilitate discussions to develop appropriate partnerships, and further activate local actions. A declaration (English, Japanese) was adopted at the Conference (to be made available).

During the workshop, three concurrent sessions were conducted:

  • Grassroots Activities (Theme: Activities of residents and NGOs in environmental improvement)
  • Business Sectors (Theme: Environmental consideration of corporate activities and contributions to society)
  • Local Governments (Theme: Internatioanl cooperation in environmental activities and experiences)

The Local Government Session was conducted as a country-specific seminar for Japan. The Session included the particpation of cities in Japan (Minamata, Sendai, Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Toyama Prefecture), as well as cities from other areas in Asia (Puchon (Korea), Surabaya (Indonesia), Dalian (China)). Discussions focused on successful practices of community-based activities and partnerships by local governments.



Date & Venue

28 October 2003, Kitakyushu International Conference Centre (Kitakyushu, Japan)


Professor Hidefumi Imura, IGES

Speakers and Presentations

(Japanese only)住民協働の環境モデル都市づくりを目指して~水俣市~ Minamata City, Japan Powerpoint: 6.5MB
Citizens and City government's Cooperation towards Zero-emission City: The case study of Bucheon City, Korea Puchon City, Korea PDF: 47KB
Partnerships on Sustainable Development in Surabaya (Powerpoint 1: 5.5MB, Powerpoint 2: 650KB) Surabaya, Indonesia Powerpoint 1: 5.5MB
Powerpoint 2: 650KB
(Japanese only) 仙台市地球温暖化対策推進協議会について Sendai City, Japan Powerpoint: 1.94MB
Pollution Control Programmes and Cooperation with Japan Dalian City, China Powerpoint: 3.85MB
(Japanese only) 福岡市における環境国際協力の取組み Fukuoka City, Japan (Presentation is too large for download.Please contact the Secretariat for copy).
(Japanese only)美しい日本海を未来世代へ 環日本海環境協力センター(NPEC)とともに Toyama Prefecture, Japan (Presentation is too large for download.Please contact the Secretariat for copy).
(Japanese only) 「クリーンな環境のための北九州イニシアチブ」と自治体間環境協力 Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Powerpoint: 410KB
Environmental Management and International Cooperation in Kitakyushu through Partnership among Stakeholders Kitakyushu City, Japan Powerpoint: 4.98MB


  • Vivian Gunnarsson (Vice Mayor, Stockholm, Sweden))
  • Yoshihiko Kono (Advisor, JBIC)
  • Hikaru Kobayashi (Councillor, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan)
  • Saburo Yamaguchi (Managing Director, JICA Kyushu)


United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Environment Section
Environment and Sustainable Development Division
United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Avenue
Bangkok 10200 Thailand

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Kitakyushu Initiative Network Secretariat
3-9-30 Asano, Kokurakita-ku
Kitakyushu City 802-0001 Japan