Tehran, Iran

City Name Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Project Name Water use efficiency
Status Completed
Time Period 2005-2006

Description of Project

In July 2005, UNESCAP in collaboration with UNESCO-affiliated RCUWM-Tehran, TPWW Co., and TWW Co. launched a six-month duration demonstration project on water conservation in the urban environment. The project was formulated, partially supported and supervised by UNESCAP, facilitated by RCUWM-Tehran and implemented by TPWW Co., in association with TWW Co. The latter invested into hardware (waster meters, water-efficient fixtures, leakage control instruments, etc.) and appointed a group of professionals to work or the project for several months. The ESCAP publication "Guide to Preparing Urban Water-Use Efficiency Plans" (WRS 83) was translated into Farsi in order to apply and test the Guide's recommendations (The guide is available at http://www.unescap.org/publications.)

The pilot project was the initial step in a long-term process to establish and institutionalize a range of in-house water savings measures that could form part of a city-wide water efficiency plan for Tehran.

The direct objectives of the pilot study were to determine domestic water-use patterns and demonstrate that a range of measures could be combined into an effective means of reducing in-house water use in urban areas.

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